Thursday , January 26 , 2017

Understanding the Care and Maintenance Needs of Stucco

Stucco is one of the most common types of home exteriors found across the country and beyond, and there are many reasons for this. Stucco is considered to be a higher-end material, but it actually is more affordable than some other types of home exteriors you may be thinking about using to update your home. More than that, it has a great look, has exceptional durability and is rather easy to maintain. If you already have stucco installed on your home or if you are thinking about installing this material, you may be wondering what it takes to keep this material looking great for years to come.

Cleaning Your Stucco Periodically
One of the primary steps you need to take to maintain stucco is to clean it regularly. If you have a lighter color of stucco in place, it may easily show dirt from the wind, rainstorms and more. Because this material is rather grainy or texturized, it can hold onto dirt rather easily. You can clean this dirt and other debris away by pressure washing the surface. You may consider hiring a professional to tackle this job as too much pressure can crack the stucco.

Removing Mold From Stucco
In some areas, stucco is susceptible to developing areas of mold growth. This may be particularly true in high humidity areas, such as along the coast, as well as if your home is heavily shaded by trees. Mold can be unsightly on a home, and it may cause damage to your exterior over time. Therefore, you should remove it as soon as you notice its appearance. You may use a bleach and water combination along with a soft sponge to wipe away the mold. Allow the surface to dry overnight. If you notice that the paint has been discolored by the bleach, you may need to reapply a fresh coat of paint to the area after the mold is gone.

Covering Hairline Cracks With Paint
Hairline cracks are unfortunately common with stucco, and they are easy to deal with. Elastomeric paint can easily be used to touch up your existing stucco. If your cracks are thicker than a hairline in diameter, you may need to patch the area with fresh stucco before painting it. There are do-it-yourself stucco patching kits available through most home improvement stores.

Stucco is a wonderful material because of its look and durability as well as because of its easy-care requirements. Most months of the year, you can enjoy the look of your stucco without worrying about maintenance. However, from time to time, you may want to take additional steps to clean and repair the stucco for the best results.