Monday , July 31 , 2017

4 Landscape Design Ideas That Add Value to Your Home

When you think about making home improvements to your property, you understandably may think about the aesthetic and functional benefits of the improvements. However, you may also be focused on how different types of projects can increase your property value. Landscaping projects are not typically associated with boosting property value, but the reality is that a gorgeous landscape design with thoughtful hardscape features can bolster value tremendously. These are some of the top design ideas to consider for your space.

1. Install a Gazebo
You can place a gazebo close to your home or farther out in the center of your yard, and this gives you an incredible location to relax with family and friends or to entertain. Many people love the beauty and style of gazebos, and this is a feature that can help you to potentially sell your home more easily when the time comes and to fetch a higher sales price from an interested buyer.

2. Build a Deck
Building a new deck in your yard is another exceptional idea to consider if you want to use landscaping plans to increase property value. A well-designed deck can extend your outdoor living space. Some decks may even have multiple levels, and this gives you the opportunity to showcase scenic views that you may enjoy from an elevated height. Keep in mind that you can consider using wood or synthetic materials to control the cost, durability and maintenance tasks associated with decks.

3. Add a Patio
Another idea is to install a patio on your property. Many properties have a basic concrete slab patio, but you can expand this space and use decorative techniques to dress it up. For example, stained and scored concrete can be installed to create the look of a wide range of materials. This includes:

  • Wood
  • Tiles
  • Flagstone

You can install a covered awning to dress up your space and to make it more comfortable to use regardless of weather conditions.

4. Install an Outdoor Kitchen
If you have a larger home improvement budget to work with, installing an outdoor kitchen is another great idea to consider. With an outdoor kitchen, you will have a dedicated space outdoors for cooking and entertaining. This feature may include a bar space, a grill, an outdoor fireplace and more for added benefit.

As you can see, landscape design can involve much more than adding flowers to your flower beds. The right landscaping plans can improve your use of your space and can add value and appeal to your yard. Now is a great time to reach out to a professional landscaper to learn more about design ideas that may work well in your space. If you would like more information, Royal Decks has additional resources available.