Friday , September 22 , 2017

8 Reasons Why You Might Need Water Purification Tablets

Water purification tablets can take impure or unsafe water and make it safe to drink. Water purification tablets are an effective way to purify water and have been proven to be effective against bacteria, viruses, cysts, and bacteria. They work by adding chlorine dioxide to the unsafe water. That is the same chemical compound in most municipal water supplies. There are many good reasons to use water purification tablets.

1. We need a lot of water every day

The truth is that we are made up of mostly water covered by a layer of skin. Maybe up to 60% of the human body is water and the brain and heart are composed of 73 percent water. Lungs are even more at about 83 percent water.

2. We need pure water

Every day we need almost three litres of water, and not just any kind of water. We need drinking or potable water with low levels of harmful materials and sediment. Water purification tablets can remove undesirable chemicals and contaminants, to make it safe to drink.

3. It’s fast and effective

Water purification tablets are a fast-acting and effective way to purify water on the road or in the field. It’s what the military uses when they are in transit or in mobile locations before they can set up more permanent water purification systems.

4. Reduce the risks from unsafe water

These tablets remove undesirable chemicals and biological contaminants from water to get it ready for human consumption. It has proven to be a better and faster way to purify drinking water than filtration, sedimentation and distillation.

5. Fewer stomach problems

One of the major dangers of drinking impure water is that it leads to a range of diseases and ailments, mostly related to the stomach area. The lack of clean water directly causes almost 90 percent of the 4 billion cases of diarrheal disease that happen every year.

6. Good for developing countries

In developing countries, safe drinking water is very hard to come by. Water purification tablets can make a village’s water supply safe and ensure that is free from the bacteria that carries many life-threatening diseases. For those of you interested, the Global Hydration website has more information available.

7. Improved outcomes for children

There are dangers, even in North America, if the drinking water supply is not fully purified and dangerous bacterial contaminants are not removed. Clean, healthy drinking water is essential to a child’s proper mental and physical development.

8. Reduced dangers for pregnant women

Pregnant women are also at risk from impure or unsafe drinking water. They are more likely to have babies that are premature or have low birth weights than women who have a safe and purified water supply. Water purification tablets can help alleviate that situation.